G film VS Curtain

22 April 2016
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In general, people will install curtains on buildings to avoid direct sunlight. Curtains have excellent results in blackout. But can it reduce the workload of the A/Ceffectively? Will itilluminated the sun into your home once install curtains? 
Actually it is not the fact.
The sunlight still goes through the glass, but it is irradiated on the curtains.
If you do not believe, you can feel curtains at your home are always hot, and the air-conditioner must keep working to reduce the temperature on curtains.
Heat continues to come in,A/C keeps workinggo ... go ... go.The higher the temperature, the closer the curtains place. 
Because closed the curtains and darken the interior light, then had to turn on the lights, and the lamp filament, produced a heat source, is really a vicious circle.

How to solve this problem? Advanced countries like Europe and American, it already use the energy-saving films widespreadly, and this is our green building materials " G film." 
The principle of the "Green Film / G film " is adapting the reflection (sunlight reflected somewhere else), adapting the rejection (by using very small moleculeswhich are nanomaterials to block out sunlight).
The sunlight will be blocked or reflected before it is transmit to the glass. 
Because the light can came in, we do need to turn on lights, air-conditioning compressor runs slowly, and saving bills, the lifetime of the compressor also increased.

"G film" can achieve the target of without turning on the lights or reduce the lights during the day, make full use of the sun light, which is the concept of "nature light goes indoors". Most people will pull the curtain in hot weather or strong sunlight.Once pulled the curtain on, it will be the dark interior, and then must go to turn on the lights, and the curtain cannot let the heat out, you need to use air conditioning to cool down the interior temperature. Installing "G film", it is not only having good heat-rejection rate but also preserved visible light. You do not pull the curtains, interior will not darken, and you do not have to turn on the lights or reduce the lights.It also have excellent heat-rejection rate, air-conditioning compressor will naturally be running slowly, the energy saving, so the "G film" is a double green energy-saving products.

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