car diy0804


★Easy to install . Ensure it won’t fail. Only remove and stick again if failure.
★This product is the use of static adsorption and atmospheric pressure onto the glass but not glue (static and atmospheric pressure are principle, so they wont disappear and can be repeated used.) ... ...more

car oemCAR-OEM

Our was founded in 1987 as a trading company in the beginning. Years later, started to manufacture as well. We focused on the technology innovation in Taiwan and already applied for more than hundreds patents. The major selling areas are focused on US, Japan, Germany, France, Australia etc.... ...more

G film


Normally, we will install curtains to block the sun light. Curtains can only block the light. The solar heat still run through the glass and stay on the curtains. To lower down the temperature, we will keep the air-conditioning running. We also turn on the light when we close the curtains to keep the inside visible. ... ...more

G glass


Nano Ceramic laminated glass: Adhesive PVB film between 2 glasses. Adapting Nano technology allows the visible light transfer and blocks the UV and IR. The strength of PVB film laminated glass offering high performance of super sound-proof, earthquake resistance, anti-theft and explosion-proof.... ...more