The growing of globe warming, in addition to increased frequency of severe weather, droughts and floods also triggered food shortages. Taiwan Energy Saving film created the brand " Green Film" in 2010. And is committed to energy saving for buildings. Expecting continue the "Green Happiness" into next generation and make a contribution for the earth.
In general, more than 50% of solar heat enter the house through windows and doors. Therefore, insulation of doors and windows are very important. Our company sells a variety of high-performance glasses and energy-saving films and get the affirmation of "Taiwan Green Building Materials".
We are the pioneer of Energy Saving glass products. Our high insulation and high transparent films can save more than 33% air-conditioning and lighting costs. Blocking 99% UV , protection furniture, wallpaper, wood floor and other materials in the house. Our PET film not only durable but also have the function of explosion-proof .
In 2015 to expand product lines as follows:
A. Adjustable pedestal for terrace. B. Super spacer for Insulating glass. C. Adiabatic board for building.

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98 year

  • 98.12.10 Attended the Taipei International Building  ,construction, and decoration exhibition.

99 year

  • 99.01.01 Founded “Green Film” brand.
  • 99.03.26 Open the Rende Shop.” Green Film”.
  • 99.06.24 Attended the Green Life Show in Shinkong Mitsukoshi.
  • 99.12.06 Attened the 22 nd “ Taipei construction exhibition”

101 year

  • 101.07.01 Founded Rende Glass shop.
  • 101.07.31 Award 2nd  Golden Metal.
  • 101.10.03 Attended Nano Exhibition in Taipei.

102 year

  • 102.02.01 Starting production line of cleanroom  laminating for glass.
  • 102.09.03 Attended India International Industrial Exhibition.

103 year

  • 103.03.19 Attended Taipei Glass Exhibition.
  • 103.10.29 Attended the Malaysia exhibition with Malaysia Agent.

104 year

  • 104.03.04 Invited to attend the Energy housing show in Landon.
  • 104.04.28 Attended the Thailand exhibition with Thailand Agent.
  • 104.09.02 Attended the Construction show in Singapore.
  • 104.10.01 Expending Product line: Added Roof Insulation foor Elevated device.

                       Double glazing spacer bar, Roof insulation board.

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