How to choose a suitable solar window film for my building?

22 April 2016
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What is the purpose for install the solar window film?
Reduce heat? Privacy?Or safety and securityreasons?
It is not a positive relation between color and heat rejection. The darkness or lightness of the color is just related to the amount of visible light.
Heat of the sunlight comes from the IR ray not UV or VLT.
The main reasons for installing solar film on buildings are good lighting, energy saving and security.

Basically, there are three kinds of solar window film. Below is the comparison between their features:

Nano ceramic G film High transmittance, high heat rejection: Enhance visible light transmittance (V.L.T.) by using grinding 5~50 (nm) Nano coating technology. It can block UV& IR rays efficiently and has good safety and security effects. The lifetime is around 10 years.
Reflective film Reflective film (metalized film), it is just like a mirror, using the reflective theory enhance the heat rejection. Higher the VLT, lower the heat rejection. It will have “air pollution” by reflective function. The lifetime is around 5 years.
Dyed film Using color dye the film. The main function is good shading. However, the heat rejection rate is lower. The lifetime is around 2 years.

  Nano ceramic G film Reflective film Dyed film
Heat rejection good good bad
Lighting good mid bad
Privacy bad mid good
Safety and security good mid mid
Outlook good mid bad
Low reflective good bad good
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