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At Tropical country, building should choose glasses that can reduce direct solar radiation, which use Low-R Laminated Glass instead of Low-E Glass. For better heat insulate, should more focus on SC Value rather than U Value, which “G” Brand is the choice. 
Remark: Low-E Glass received low secondary radiation, also mean that glass endothermic then re-radiation.

Tropical Zone vs. Boreal Zone : SC value and U value for glass which is important?

Tropical Zone
Room temperature too warm come from 80% of the heat go through indoor via transparent glass.  If demand heat radiation does not penetrate in, choose glass with low C value, while indoor and outdoor temperature difference is small, there is no significant requirement for U value.
Boreal Zone
For winter and indoor able keep warm, current market trend to Low-E glass from high latitude Europe and United States, designed to allow heat radiation into the room. Hence, SC value higher for warmth effect. While Indoor and outdoor temperature difference is larger, the smaller U value is better.

The temperature difference from day time to night time is average 7.8 degree in Taiwan, SC value accounted for 90% of the total solar energy transmittance. Total solar energy transmittance = (SC value x 630) + (U value x 7.8)
So we should care more for SC value, not for U value.

“G” brand Low-R laminated glass and Low-R insulating laminated glass

“G” brand

“G” brand
Insulating glass


First Heat

 O  O  Bath insulate (directly solar radiation) are good.

heat radiation

 X  O  Glass endothermic then re-radiation.
Soundproof  O  O  Soundproof effect: 

“G” brand Laminated Insulated Glass ((40 dB isolated)
“G” brand Insulated Glass (isolated 36 dB)
Normal insulated glass (isolated 30 dB)

Glass composition:
Normal transparent insulating glass = 5mm glass + 12mm air + 5mm glass,
"G” brand Laminated Insulated Glass = 5mm glass + PVB + 5mm glass,
dB definition: Ever sound increased 10 times, loudness whereby increased by 10 times

Safety  O  O  Injury reduce caused by impact or self explode.
Durability  O  O Even more durable compare with tinted glass film.For “G” brand Limiated insulating glass using USA super spacer , it vacuum can even more then 20 years.
Cost  O  X  “G” brand laminatedinsulating glass more costly than “G” brand laminated glass. However it’s advantage are:

(1)No forst (Normal glass for indoor if outdoor temperature difference more than 6°C,will
create frost.)
(2)Reduce cold radiation.
(3)Reduce U value,energy & power saving.

Anti conde
-nsation and
saving energy

 X  O  Indoor and outdoor temperature difference is often more than 6 degrees in winter, if you don’t use the insulating glass will make inside dew condensation, so it will become very moist inside.
“G” brand all kinds of energy saving glass optical performance data sheet


Structure Color





U Value


5mm+IR reflection glass Clear MG-H70 66% 10.55 0.44 5.58
MG-H50 48% 25.75 0.38 5.56



Clear DG-B70 65% 6.25 0.58 5.69
DG-B60 59%  6.01 0.51 5.59
DG-B40 42% 5.22 0.51 5.70
DG-G81 48% 7.77 0.47 5.65




DG-G70 59% 7.33 0.43 3.60
DG-G40 42% 6.21 0.37 3.53
DG-G70-8 70% 8.2 0.54 3.56
Gray DG-G40-2 20% 4.71 0.28 3.58


DG-G40-5 30% 28.09 0.29 3.45



Clear AG-G70 51% 9.94 0.34 1.40


Clear AG-B70 56% 9.87 0.39 2.70
AG-B40 40% 6.44 0.35 2.70

All the testing reports from our company are tested by the third party; if you need the original report
please contact our sales.

Low-R GLASS(B70)  VS. Single Silver Low-E Glass
project Low-R GLASS(B70) Single Silver Low-E Glass
constructiondescription of glass 5+PVB38+PVB IR38+5 sle5+12A+5


V.L.T 64.71 63
V.L.T.  reflection 6.25 15
SC 0.578 0.65
UV  penetration <1 65
effect of sound-proof 35 30
safety use for roof yes no
explosionproof yes no
cost cost ofwindow frame more economic thicker window frameneed to use the
volume of glass smaller double than laminated glass
freight cheaper double
cost of construction cheaper more expensive
risk of air crack no need to consider need to consider

If use “G” brand B series, it’s better than single silver Low-E glass, if use “G” brand G series, it’s better than double silver
Low-E glass, as attachment 8.

R.H.G (Relative Heat Gain)

The total heat gain through glass for total heat transmittance (contain first heat radiation, second heat radiation, for all the heat radiation amount) from the RHG(Relative Heat Gain) reduce heat rate (chart 9) can find the data. For example: you can check the data from the total solar energy transmittance chart, for example: use G brand B series B70 energy saving laminated glass, can reduce 29% total solar energy transmittance, but if you use G brand G series, G70 energy saving laminated glass can reduce 46% total solar energy transmittance, but if you choose add insulating glass, it can reduce total solar energy transmittance to 52% or 62%. Using air conditioning is depend on building enter how much heat. We calculate you can get back this investment of energy saving glass within 3 years. How long a building you will use? 30 years? 50 years?You can save the electronic power charge for your grandson, do you think it is value to invest or not?

IR glass 0706 2

Choice reason The reason that builder choose Low R glass
Global trend Nowadays more country propose Green building.
Energy saving
& Carbon
Due to fast growing internet information, consumer more aware that normal glass cannot give them comfortable with energy saving & reduce carbon Developer should upgrade their glass quality by usng “G” Brand.
budgets reduce

Insulated Low E glass is about 24mm in thickness. Change into “G” brand laminated glass, it can save cost 20-30% with materials and the labor cost.

Safety glass

Using safety glass for buildings is important. E.g. Strong Wind(Typhoon),earthquake and hailstone beside that.
And also provide anti-theft after breaking the glasses.

good for
Normal transparent glass soundproof is 30 dB, “G” brand can increase the soundproof to 36 dB. Insulated laminated glasses can raise 4 more. (Each dB means: the sound strong add each 10 times, the loudness will add 10 dB), it means the real sound increase 10 times (means loudness add 10 dB).

In the era of easy access to information, it is recommended to build for a more excellent architectural concept,and
gradually abandon the old style using wall more than glass,actually both are same important. Using “G” brand glass
can enhance the quality of building.

Nano Ceramic Laminated glassDG

Nano Ceramic laminated glass: Adhesive PVB film between 2 glasses.
Adapting Nano technology allows the visible light transfer and blocks the UV and IR. The strength of PVB film laminated glass offering high performance of super sound-proof, earthquake resistance, anti-theft and explosion-proof.

Insulating Energy Saving Glass

ano laminated multi-layers glass is build up with a nano laminated glass and a clear glass. Sealed
by rubber seal with glue and fill in Argon as the insulating layer. Not only good of sound proof,the Argon insulating layer can also stop cold or hot air transmission through the window.