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Nano Ceramic Laminated glass

Nano Ceramic laminated glass: Adhesive PVB film between 2 glasses. Adapting Nano technology allows the visible light transfer and blocks the UV and IR. The strength of PVB film laminated glass offering high performance of super sound-proof, earthquake resistance, anti-theft and explosion-proof.
In Taiwan, earthquake and Typhoon happened very often. Breaking glass hurts people. This is why more and more consumer choose laminated film to protect their home.
Adding Nano material in the PVB film also can block 99.9% UV and 97% IR and the visible light still penetrable. That make you no need to turn on the light at daytime. Saving energy for lighting and air-conditioning.

model Structure




%(mark 1)




%(mark 2)
SC(mark 3) LSG(VLT/SHGC) Inspection Report Download
DG-55B30 5mm glass+B30+5mm glass 28 5.02 12.33 - 0.39 0.83 pdfIcon 300x277
DG-55B40 5mm glass+B40+5mm glass 42.31 5.1  18.64  0.46  0.516  0.94  pdfIcon 300x277
DG-55B45 5mm glass+B45+5mm glass 47 7.77  21.97  0.35 1.15  pdfIcon 300x277
DG-55B50 5mm glass+B50+5mm glass 43.07 5.05  20.54  0.07  0.531  0.93  pdfIcon 300x277
DG-55B70 5mm glass+B70+5mm glass 64.71 6.25  26.99  4.94  0.578  1.29  pdfIcon 300x277
DG-55B80 5mm glass+B80+5mm glass 75.26 6.88  37.82  1.36  0.659  1.31  pdfIcon 300x277

Remark 1: vlt reflectance%: Visible light reflectance. Value higher means higher glare. Taiwan regulation forbidden light pollution for using high reflectance product.
Remark 2: SC (shading coefficients:The lower the better. eg: Outside heat is 1. Inner heat test is 0.35, that means 65% heat blocks outside.
Remark 3:LSG:Visible light / solar heat gain coefficients: Determine the efficiency of visible light and radiation transmittance. The higher is the better.

Apply to:

1.Building close to airport, high way, rail road, MRT,factory that need to install sound proof equipment.

2.Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Concert Hall,Library that need to adapt sound proof equipment.
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