We adapt Quanex Super spacer@TriSeal from USA. It can avoid leaking air in the hollow glasses. Guaranteed for 20-30 years.

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Reduce Sealant Stress
Super Spacer's thermoset silicone polymer material expends and contracts and always returns to its original shape. Rigid spacers do not accommodate the natural expansion and contraction caused by glazing pressure, thermal expansion, wind loads and barometric pressure. The results are stress cracks and sealant movement that eventually lead to seal failure. Super Spacer sealed IG units last up to five times longer in durability tests than conventional single seal units. Super Spacer features superior Argon and Krypton gas retention.

Improves Glass Surface Temperature
Super Spacer’s extremely low thermal conductivity means less variation in the surface temperature of the IG unit.

Maximizes Heat Flow Resistance
Super Spacer resists heat flow at a rate of 1500 times more than that of aluminum. This means lower energy costs, less condensation/frosting and reduced chances for mold growth. The Surface temperature of the glass at the sightline, or the edge of the IG units, with Super Spacer TriSeal is typically 7.8˚C warmer than with a conventional aluminum spacer.

Improves Condensation Resistance
Mold Needs moisture to grow. The significantly reduced tendency of IG units fabricated with Super Spacer to exhibit interior condensation or frosting means that the health problems associated with mold may be virtually eliminated. The Super Spacer helped IG units stay in the optimum low-humidity zone that prevents mold and bacteria growth.

Promotes Sound Absorption
The closed-cell polymer of Super Spacer transmits very little sound compared to conventional aluminum or less-metal warm edge spacers.


Features of super spacer@TriSeal.

1.Thermoset structural silicone containing No-Metal with integral 3A desiccant.
2.PIB Primary Seal.
3.Silicone, Polyurethane, Polysulfide,DSE/DSA's or Hot Melt secondary seal.
4.Pressure-sensitive Acrylic adhesive.
5. Pre-applied,advanced Melti-layer vaper barrier.

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Long term Durability/UV Stability

• Silicone Spacer technology has been tested in accelerated QUV
and P1 with 140 degree F 100% direct UV 95% RH.
• No breakdown after 4+ yrs accelerated direct UV exposure.
• Structural Adhesive gains strength in UV exposure.
• Long term project history with Silicone Spacers: New Zealand,
Mexico, South America and Southern USA.

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