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Insulating Energy Saving Glass

Nano laminated multi-layers glass is build up with a nano laminated glass and a clear glass. Sealed 
by rubber seal with glue and fill in Argon as the insulating layer. Not only good of sound proof,the Argon insulating layer can also stop cold or hot air transmission through the window.

In summer, the AC will not leak outside. The outside cold air will not enter the house in the winter. Therefore, no fog or dewdrop even the temperature is extremely different. The nano ceramic coating obstruct the radiation and the Argon insulating layer blocks the heat conducting and convection. Achieving the highest heat insulation on the building markets.


The benefits of insulation glass

 As insulation glass with spacer : It can reduce the heat and cold air conduction through the glasses. The conduction will go on 24 hours for building like 7-11, hospital and Hotel which need air conditioning for 24 hours. It can save the a lot of money for air conditioning.

Prevent condensation : The temperature difference over 6 degree in and outside the house. It will have condensation on the glass and caused the high moisture inside the house. Installation the insulation glass with a spacer, the low U value can lower down the temperature difference without condensation.

Improving cold radiation : May people install the air tightness window and most the windows are insulation glass without space. It is only hallow glass cannot lower down the radiation efficiently. The hollow glass is very hot in summer, but it can have better cold air insulation in winter. The cold radiation is stopped by the inner glass without conduction. This is the main reason why cold area uses the insulation glasses.

Sound proof : The sound insulation is better because of the increasing of the glass thickness.


Specification of Nano laminated hollow glass

model Structure vlt 


%(mark 1)




%(mark 2)
SC(mark 3) LSG(VLT/SHGC)
 AG-50925 5mm Glass+i999+11.5Air+5mm Glass  61.75 10.88 27.98 1.267  0.448  1.58 
 AG-55028 5mm Glass+i009+5mm Glass+12Air+5mm Glass  51.54 8.23  19.81  0.06  0.35  1.69 
AG-55925 5mm Glass+i999+i888+5mm Glass+12Air+5mm Glass 50.65 9.13  19.40  <1  0.355  1.64 

Feature of Glass

●anti-fog, anti-dew
Under high moisture,the glass will get fog or dew when the temperature difference is extremely large between inside and outside of house. Multiple glass has dry air insulating layer, can block chilling air or hot air transmission through the glass.
Nano ceramic obstructs 99% IR and 99.9% UV. Enter only visible light into the house. SC value lower to 0.35 means cut off 65% of heat outside. The glass heat conducting is about 27 times compare to air. Thus, the hollow glass can achieve the highest heat insulation when it is well sealed.
Laminated hollow glass and the air inside is the best combination for sound-proof. The dry air can resist the sound wave from spreading.
●Apply to
1.Building close to airport, high way, rail road, MRT,factory
that need to install sound proof equipment.
2.Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Concert Hall,Library that
need to adapt sound proof equipment.

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