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Existing building the best choice for improving the heat insulating.

Blocking 99% UV, 97% IR. Saving 30% of Electricity consumption.

Normally, we will install curtains to block the sun light. Curtains can only block the light. The solar heat still run through the glass and stay on the curtains. To lower down the temperature, we will keep the air-conditioning running. We also turn on the light when we close the curtains to keep the inside visible. Turn on the light, the heat will be follow. This will cause our electricity bill high and wasting the energy. Our Nano Ceramic film can block the IR, UV and allow the visible light to penetrate the window. With installing the nano ceramic film, we can keep the inside bright without turn on the light and eliminate the air conditioning time. This is your best choice for using our Energy Saving Film.

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  Clear glass   After installation of Green Film

Normally people will install curtains after the transparent glass, and the room will be dark and need to turn on the lights. Turn on the lights during the day time also increase the heat source through the lights. The Sunlight directly on the curtain fabric, the radiation also caused the indoor heat source, cannot save the energy. VLT


Excellent lighting, no need to use lighting on daytime. Visible light accounts for 45% of solar energy, it is also a heat source. Generally in the sun, the light up to 77000lux, if the window use rate over 25% , it is recommended to use a darker film to reduce visible light heat.


Infrared ray is the main heat source, 54% of the infrared penetration rate, caused the compressor running faster, cannot save the energy.



Heat source down, the compressor slows down, extention the life of air-conditioning. Save the energy . The film can solve the radiation problem.

UV is the culprit of the destruction of material, transparent glass had 70% of the UV penetration, shorten the furniture’s life , cannot save the energy. UV


UV is destructive light waves, is the culprit of the destruction of material, less than 1% of the UV penetration, increase the furniture’s life ten times, saving. Energy. Using green film can lower down the UV to 0.1% .



Reduce carbon dioxide and energy saving: Start from our house.

There are 40% of the world’s total energy consumption which come from building energy consumes and release of greenhouse gases. Therefore, energy saving is everyone’s responsibility. Within the building market, 97% of building is existing building and it will be the most important areas for improvement. The best solution for energy saving is applying Energy Saving Film. As Energy Saving Film has high visible light which able to maintain good indoor lighting and clear vision, and blocking over 90% of infrared, reduce the radiation enter the building. It can help to slow the operation of air-condition compressor as less heat enter the building. Energy Saving Film can also block 99% ultraviolet and extend the lifetime of floor and furnitures.

The total electricity usage within building, 26% from lighting, 43% from air-conditioning, it’s about 70% electricity consumption for most of the residential building. The building shell design effects these two parts of the electricity consumption significant. As the life of the building shell is much longer than air conditioning and lighting equipment, so that a well design building can achieve the goal of energy saving. It must lower the absorb of radiation, decrease the air-conditioning, and reduce the quantities of lamp to enhance the efficiency of building energy use. The main reason for the impact of these two electricity consumption is the introduction of solar heat radiation and the demand of visible light. Normally, the heat come from the building opening area, so the window glass heat insulation and lighting becomes very important.

The MOJO 100 is talking about once traditional window film have 30% of the heat insulation, the visible light is never over 70%. If the heat insulation is 50%, the visible light is never over 50%. It means, if people want block more heat, the visible light must be less. However, our G Film can achieve 93% of heat insulation and visible light up to 69%, total is 162%, over the limitation of MOJO 100. These makes our G Film are superior to tradition window films.

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Data of type



e visible light reflection 

Solor penetration

UV penetration

IR penetration

H50 48% 26% 22% < 2% 4% 0.38 1.45
 H70 66% 11%  30%   < 1% 6%  0.44  1.71
i999 69%  3% 33% < 1% 8% 0.58  1.35 
i158  53% 3% 25%  < 1% 5% 0.51  1.19 
i138  33% 3% 16% < 1% 3% 0.43  0.77 
i128  16% 2% 10% < 1% 3% 0.38  0.48
i118  10% 2% 9% 0% 5% 0.36  0.31 
R990  0.9% - < 1% 9%
R930  18% - 01 % 12%
R700 28%     01% 29%